I will be producing more prints from several of my newer original paintings. Check back soon! If there is a paticular painting you are interested in let me know and I will let you know when the prints are completed.


What makes a print worth buying?

First and most important is that you like the art. However many people buy to invest in prints to resell as the value increases. The following are characteristics of a quality print that will increase in value.


Small Edition Size

Limited Edition Prints with a small edition size are worth more for the obvious reason that there are less of them available. In most cases an edition should be kept under a thousand. Many of the prints in the art market have an edition size in the thousands and some in the tens of thousands. Due to the large number of prints some publishers produce these prints should be considered as "posters" or "Open Edition Prints" as opposed to an actual Limited Edition Print. The resale value of these often times drops in several years.

My Limited Edition Prints are kept to small editions. Although this may limit your ability to obtain a print it keeps the value of the prints high. Most of my edition sizes are limited to a run of 121. One of the few exceptions to the 121 Edition size is on the larger paintings. On these paintings there may also be a full size canvas edition of approximately 20 - 30 prints.


High Quality Archival Printing

Not only should the image look great it should be one that will last. Make sure that it is printed on archival paper with archival inks. All of my prints use archival paper and inks with a 150 - 200 year life expectancy.