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Calm Interrupted Acrylic Painting

Woodstorks John Seerey Lester Class

"Moonlight Shadow" • 18" x 24" Oil Painting

Gulls & Grizz

Study in Red, Black & Light

Silver Linnings

red tailed hawk watercolor

Creekside Sparrow Acrylic Painting

Eagle at Lock & Dam 19 Oil Painting


"Wyoming Grizzly" • 4.5" x 12" • Oil Painting

Winter's Arrival

Grizzly at Gray's Bay

"Seagulls on Ice" • 8" x 11" • Watercolor

Pursuit Eagle


Young American Bald Eagle




November Rain Eagle at Gray's Point Watercolor

Out from the Dark Grizzly Bear Acrylic Painting

"Mississippi River Gull" • 24" x 36" • Oil Painting

Cardinal at Gray's Bay

Shades of White

"Passing By" • 12" x 9" Oil Painting

"Discussing Politics" • 21" x 36" • Oil Painting



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